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Description :
Cap. BONE-IN®Manjistha (Rubiacordifolia) is a perennial climber that is perhaps best known as a lymph mover and blood purifier. According to Ayurveda, the lymph (rasa) and blood (rakta) are the first tissues to become congested when the body is not detoxifing properly.

Each capsuleBONE-IN®contains standardized dry extract of Manjistha500mg and other ingredients as needed.

Ref.Manjistha,Bangladesh National Ayurvedic Formulary.

Pharmacological actions:
Cap. BONE-IN®(Manjistha)has different classes of bioactive compounds such as nthraquinones and their glycosides, naphthoquinones and glycosides, terpenes, bicyclic hexapeptides, iridoids, carboxylic acids and saccharides.Manjisthais thought to have affinity with capillary system, and its slow action helps to detoxify and repair the fine structures that interface with lymph system. It stimulate lymphatic fluid circulation, which aids in the transport of nutrients and the elimination of waste products from the body. It stimulates bone formation, Clinical studies show that RubiaCordifoliasynergistic effect on bone growth as well in osteoporosis and fracture prevention.

Indication :
Fracture of Bone, Inflammation&sweeling of the bone. Delay development of the bone, Oligomenorrhoea, Dysmenorrhea, Metritis, Ascitis, Oedema, Jaundice, Renal stone, Urinary stone,Rickets, Burn, Bleeding, Herpis, Puerperal fever.

Dosage and Administration:
1 capsule 1-2 times daily after meal or as prescribed by the Reg.Physician.

Contraindications :
There is no absolute contraindication.

Use During Pregnancy & Lactation:
Not recommended for use during pregnancy. Use in lactation period as directed by the Reg. Physician.

Keep out of reach of the children.

Storage :
Store in a cool & dry place, protected from light.

Each capsules 5 x 6 in Blister strips. 30,60 Plastic Cont.

N.B: Without Registered Doctors’ suggestion, medicine wont be taken ordered

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