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Description :
Syrup Hilivon® is a HepatoprotectiveAyurvedic Medicine, Which effectively cure & prevent any kind of liver disease.. It has also digestive and antioxidant activity. Hilivon® is effective for both children and adults.

Each 5 ml syrup HILIVON contains extracts of the following ingredients below:
Aphanamixispolystachya 1.52 gm
Woodfordiafructicosa 0.24 gm
Emblicaofficinalis 15.24 mg
Terminaliachebula 15.24 mg
Terminaliabelerica 15.24 mg
Zingiberofficinale 15.24 mg
Piper longum (Root) 15.24 mg
Piper longum (Fruit) 15.24 mg
Elettariacardamomum 15.24 mg
Cinnamomumtamala 15.24 mg
Cinnamomumzeylanicum 15.24 mg
And other ingredients with excipients as needed

Ref:Rohitakarista, B.N.A.F.

Pharmacology of major herbs :
Aphanamixispolystachya:It containsaphanamixin, amoorin, flindissol, melianone, rohitukin that have hepatoprotective, antiviral and antibacterial activities.

Woodfordiafructicosa:It has octacosanol, ß-sitosterol, polystachoside, ellagic acid and polyphenols, which are used in the treatment of liver diseases and bowel complaints.

Emblicaofficinalis:It is a rich source of vitamin C, which acts as an anti-oxidant. It also contains ellagic&phyllenbic acids, phyllantidine&phyllantine that are used in the treatment of jaundice, dyspepsia, and peptic ulcer. It decreases SGOT, SGPT and LDH. It reduces serum cholesterol, triglycerides, phospholipid& LDL levels. It also decreases glutathione depletion and prevents cytochrome P-450 stimulation.

Terminaliachebula:It contains anthraquinone glycoside, chebulinic acid, tannic acid, gallic acid that are used in enlarged spleen& liver. It promotes digestive power.

Terminaliabelerica:It contains tannin, ßsitosterol, gallic acid, ellagic acid. It has significant hepatoprotective activity and prevents the development of fatty liver. It increases the biliary secretion.

Zingiberofficinale:It increases bile secretion& enhances gastrointestinal motility. It hasanti-vomiting, anti-flatulent and digestiveactivities.

Piper longum (Root & fruit):It facilitates the regeneration of hepatocytes following toxic liver damage. It has piperine alkaloid that stimulates digestive enzyme activity including that of pancreatic lipase, amylase, trypsin and chymotrypsin.

Elettariacardamomum:It increases the flow of bile from gall bladder in to the intestine. It has also anti-vomiting, anti-flatulent and digestive activities.

Cinnamomumtamala:It contains essential oil, eugenol, terpin and cinnamic aldehyde that has anti-flatulent & digestive activities.

Cinnamomumzeylanicum:It is a very efficient carminative & antispasmodic. It has also hepatoprotective and digestives activities.

Indications &uses :
Jaundice ,Anorexia,Nousea,Hepatitis,Ascitis,Constipation,Indigestion,UterineInflammation .

Dosage &administration :
Adult:2-4 tea-spoonful 2-3 times daily after meal.
Child:1-2 tea-spoonful 2-3 times daily after meal or as directed by the Reg.Physician .

Contraindication:There is no absolute contraindication.

Use during pregnancy &lactation :Not recommended for use during pregnancy. Use in lactation period as directed by the Reg. Physician .

Supply: 200 ml & 450 ml in amber glass bottle with a measuring cup.

Caution :keep all medicines out of reach of the children. Store in cool & dry place, protected from light.

N.B : Without Registered Doctors’ suggestion, medicine wont be taken ordered

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