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Description :
Cap. IN-BP-50®(Sarpagandha)is an excellenttraditionalAyurvedicmedicine , mainly used for high blood pressure. It also used for headache, anxiety, vertigo,depression,schizophrenia, decrease heart rate, nervousness, mental illness and some symptoms of poor circulation.

Each capsule IN-BP-50® contains dry extract of Sarpagandha 50mg and other ingredients as needed.

Ref.Sarpagandha, Bangladesh National Ayurvedic Formulary.

Cap. IN-BP-50®(Sarpagandha)has contains the chemicals is called reserpine, serpentine, rauwolfinine, tannins, raubasin, has been used to treat mild to moderate high blood pressure, schizophrenia, and some symptoms of poor circulation.

Indication :
High blood pressure
Insomnia &
Different types of mental disorder

Dosage and Administration:
1 capsule 1-2 times daily after meal or as prescribed by the Reg.Physician.

Side Effects & Safety:
Not yet known.

Contraindications :
There is no absolute contraindication.

Use During Pregnancy & Lactation:
Not recommended for use during pregnancy. Use in lactation period as directed by the Reg. Physician.

Keep out of reach of the children.

Storage :
Store in a cool & dry place, protected from light.

Each capsule 10 x5 Blister strip.

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