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Syrup LEDEX®(Patrangasav)is an Ayurvedic medicine used mainly in gynecological problems, such as heavy menstrual bleeding, leucorrhea,Uteralgia, Anemia and Anorexia, fever etc. It is an Astringent and Uterine tonic which is good for Women. It is effective, safe and well tolerate.

Composition :
Each 5 ml Syrup LEDEX® contains extracts of following ingredients below :
Caesalpiniasappon 4.47 mg
Acacia catechu 4.47 mg
Adhatodavasica 4.47 mg
Hemidesmusindicus4.47 mg
Sidacordifolia 4.47 mg
Mangniferaindica4.47 mg
Berberisaristata4.47 mg
Syzygiumaromatcum4.47 mg
and other ingredients with excipients as needed .

Ref:Patrangasav, B.N.A.F.

Pharmacology of major herbs :
Caesalpiniasappon:It contains phytosterinin , saponin, fatty oil, phytosterols and sucrose. It has germicidal , febrifuge and anthelmintic properties. It is used in leucorrhoea , convulsions and as stomachic.
Acacia catechu:It contains catechin, taxifolin and catechutannic acid. Catechin is biologically highly active. It is used as a hemostatic .Taxifolin has anbacterial, antifungal and antiinflammatory properties.
Adhatodavasica :It contains vasicine , alkaloids and essential oil. It is a rich source of vitamin C and carotene. It acts as uterine tonic.
Sidacordifolia :It contains ephedrin, phytosterols and potassium nitrate. The phytosterols have estrogenic activity. It is useful in diseases like cystitis , leucorrhoea and ctironic dysentery.
Hemidesmusindicus :It has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties. It is used in leucorrhoea, urinary diseases and skin diseases.
Mangniferaindica :It is astringent, anti-helmintic and used in diarrhoea , uterine haemorrhage and other discharges .
Berberisaristata :It contains berberine, oxycanthine&berbamine. It has antiinflammatory& antiprotozoal properties. It is used in menorrhagia and leucorrhoea.
Syzygiumaromaticum :It contains volatile oil, tannin, oleanolic acid and sterols. It acts as antiseptic , antibacterial and antifungal.

Indications & uses:
Leucorrhoea ,varitiesdischarge,Uteric Colic ,Fever,Jaundice,Dropsy, Indigestion & Anorexia .

Dosage &Administration :Adult:2-4 tea spoonful 2-3 times daily after meal or as directed by the Reg.Physician .

Side effects :There is no significant side effect.

Contraindications :There is no absolute contraindication .

Use during pregnancy & lactation :
Not recommended for use during pregnancy. Use in lactation period as directed by the Reg. Physician .

Supply :200 ml & 450ml in amber glass bottle.

Caution:Keep all medicines out of reach of children. Store in a cool and dry place, protected from light.

N.B: Without Registered Doctors’ suggestion, medicine wont be taken ordered

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